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Kleiner Hinweis auf eine Verlosungsaktion von VolcanoType auf Facebook: Dort gibt es 3 x den Regular-Schnitt der Duwal Pro von Dennis Dünnwald zu gewinnen. Und ein kleines Interview mit Dennis gibt’s obendrauf:

Interview with type designer Dennis Dünnwald, Berlin, September 2014
Peter Brugger for VolcanoType:

Where did you grow up?
Krefeld (near Cologne).

Where do you live now? 
Currently I'm living in Berlin.

What is special about this place?
I have the feeling that the city is in constant movement. Not just in terms of speed but also downshifting which I see as equally exciting. In addition, Berlin is very international, it stimulates the mind and never ceases to inspire. 

Which areas are included in your work? 
I am mainly at home in the digital world and can get extremely excited about new and innovative technologies. Nevertheless, I find myself getting pulled back into working with print media or in front of a simple blank sheet of paper once in a while - as a kind of compensation. I try to keep a holistic approach to design as much as possible, I like to think and work having all design disciplines in mind.

Which kinds of fields do you work on?
I work in adverting with a strong focus on Digital Design. I get most joy out of Digital Thinking, dealing with ambitious design briefs and finding innovative approaches gets me excited. However, I always like to go back to more traditional fields of design and I am crazy about everything related to typography. I think it's really difficult to put it into words. This is job is my passion and I like to keep an open mind for new things that come my way. Sky's the limit 

How did you get into type design?
When I learned to write, I suppose. Obviously it only turned out to be a real obsession several years later. I often find myself sketching letters or random words in various styles when I'm distracted. One day I drew the first sketches of Duwal Pro on a tiny piece of paper, I then developed it further over a number of years.

Are there any plans for the future?
I would like to refine Duwal Pro even more and also extend its language support. Apart from that I try to enjoy life and always have a smile on my face 

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